Minority Business Office Advisory Council

Council Overview

The Minority Business Office of Colorado is overseen by the Minority Business Office Advisory Council. The council consists of 10 members who are appointed by the governor.

The council works to:

  • provide a public forum at which the perspective of minority businesses can be brought to the attention of the State
  • serve as a resource to the Office of Economic Development and International Trade on statewide minority business issues
  • identify unique problems confronting minority businesses in Colorado
  • make recommendations for regulatory changes needed at all levels of government to encourage the initiation, stability and growth of minority businesses in Colorado

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DateAgendaMinutes (if applicable)Purpose
June 6, 2024   
May 9, 2024   
April 25, 2024  MBAC is having a working session
April 4, 2024Agenda, (Google Doc)  
March 25, 2024Agenda, (Google Doc) MBAC is having a working session and planning next meeting
March 7, 2024Agenda, (Google Doc)03/7/24 Meeting Minutes, (Google Doc) 
February 27, 2024  Chairpeople are meeting to plan for the next MBAC meeting
January 23, 2024Agenda, (Google Doc)01/23/24 Meeting Minutes, (Google Doc) 
January 19, 2024  Chairpeople are meeting to plan for the next MBAC meeting
October 30, 2023Agenda  
September 12, 2023Agenda  
June 13, 2023Agenda  
May 22, 2023Agenda  
April 24, 2023Agenda  
March 21, 2023Agenda  
December 13, 2022Agenda  
September 13, 2022Agenda  
June 14, 2022Agenda  
May 27, 2022Agenda  
March 25, 2022Agenda  
March 8, 2022Agenda  
February 18, 2022Agenda  
February 11, 2022Agenda  
December 22, 2021Agenda  
December 14, 2021Agenda  
December 6, 2021Agenda  
June 15, 2021Agenda  
November 17, 2020Agenda  
February 18, 2020Agenda  
October 23, 2019Agenda  
July 17, 2019Agenda  
August 29, 2018Agenda  


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