Mentor Source, Inc.

"Services: Founded in 2002, Mentor Source is a distinguished provider of strategic counsel and custom training to corporate and government agencies
seeking to improve their electiveness through enhanced leadership, mentoring, coaching, project management, business analysis,
IT security and communication skills.
Mentor Source represents an outstanding collaboration of distinguished thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, researchers,
and masterful consultants. We have earned our reputation as artists in the transfer of knowledge, with an instructional, coaching and consulting staff that are consistently rated superior by our clients and our students.
Mentor Source team members are:
• Talented subject matter experts with significant experience as former and current White House Appointees, UN consultants, C-level leaders, government contractors, functional managers, project and program managers, and seminar leaders.
• Skilled practitioners who are also bestselling authors and experienced mentors, coaches, instructors and consultants; and
• Personable communicators who have the technical and interpersonal skills that insure a successful client and learner experience.
Mentor Source, Inc offers a portfolio of course content initially custom designed and delivered to the National Park Service as both live events and studio produced courses to over 5000 participants. We have converted many live training courses and added our studio produced courses to our asynchronous platform, available for viewing 24x7. Our catalog currently hosts over 100 courses and can be viewed at A short demo can be viewed at: this demo will allow you to view a few lessons from one of our hour-long classes.
Our content includes courses used by NPS employees and contractors to satisfy Project Management Professional aka, PMP, PDU requirements as well as FAC-P/PM and FAC-COR, and Role Based Security Training (RBST) continuing education hours. We also have three courses in IPv6. IPv6 overview, IPv6 Troubleshooting, and IPv6 addressing. Conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 is a federal mandate and our webinars,
delivered by the CIO of a top technical company dealing with the conversion, received high praise for their clarity and thoroughness
in explaining the transition and the technology. Our newest courses include a Cybersecurity Awareness series adding to our
existing Role Based Security Training, that many take for annual compliance training hours.
Courses satisfy these mandates in small bite size chunks so participants only need one to two hours to take a course. Sixteen separate sponsors from NPS have requested our events. We have provided training for NPS for 10 years."
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