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The number one resource that consumers use when seeking out information about cannabis and potential products is their friends. Consumers need better education on cannabis 101 topics from the industry. Kristen Brooks, Founder of Healthy Not High, has 18 years experience in the medical sales industry and is a Certified CBD Consultant.
Three years ago, she began developing an educational program for consumers and retailers on CBD and hemp (neither of these components have a psychoactive effect and won't get one high).
There is a severe lack of well sourced, data-based, education in this industry from a scientific, regulation and usage perspective. CBD is still unregulated, and counterfeit CBD is everywhere in the marketplace (products that aren't lab tested but making claims about their contents).
A new survey by Oasis Intelligence found that education remains the biggest obstacle in this industry.
The firm's research shows that the majority of legal consumers still lack foundational knowledge about cannabis. Cannabidiol, a molecule from cannabis that does not have any psychoactive properties, can change lives when used correctly.
Kristen has developed an abundance of professional, scientific, CBD-focused, and web-based educational videos and courses. She is propelling the industry's professional image by giving rise to robust, well sourced, clinical information.
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