FitnessNT is a company that was created with the intention of motivating, encouraging, helping and inspiring individuals to. Be Who You Want To BE. Hence, we strive to create an environment where people feel accepted and secured, an open space of trust, where they can come as they are, and know that there are others just like them, walking on a similar path and looking to become a better version of themselves every day.
At FitnessNT, we want to encourage people to seek their absolute best with our help. I know how difficult it is to accomplish something you have always wanted all by yourself, trying to find ways to improve the quality of your life in a world that offers so many distractions. We welcome everyone to come and join us on this journey where finding fitness in you is to enjoy life at the max as it is meant to be.
We are Bilingual (Spanish & English) and provide Personal Trainer, Life Coaching and Nutritional Advice.
100 Beaver Creek Blvd Suite 234, Avon, Colorado 81620
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