Colorado Arts Partnership Grant

Program Summary

The Colorado Arts Partnership Grant helps Colorado schools provide arts instruction during the school day for PK-12 students. Grants are between $2,000 to $5,000 per project.

The grants support:

  • visual arts
  • music
  • theatre and drama
  • dance
  • storytelling
  • digital and media arts
  • creative writing
  • multi-disciplinary projects

Colorado Creative Industries and Think 360 Arts for Learning offer grants, commission research, and sponsor programs to give more young people access to quality arts education.

Applications are closed.


Type: Grant

For: Schools serving PK-12 students

Amount: $2,000 to $5,000 per project

Application deadline: November 12, 2021

OEDIT division: Colorado Creative Industries

Eligible institutions

A school may submit only one proposal per funding cycle. Schools need to:

  • be a non-religious Colorado school that serves PK-12 students
  • provide a financial match of at least 30% of the amount requested
  • be in good standing with respect to final reports and evaluations if the school has previously received funding from Colorado Creative Industries or Think 360 Arts for Learning

If you request a grant of $2,000, you need to have at least $600 from another source. Other sources of funds could be:

  • school funds
  • PTA or PTO funds
  • grants
  • foundations
  • donations
  • student fees

Eligible projects

This grant funds a variety of projects. Use your imagination to design an innovative project that meets the needs of your school and students. Examples include artist residencies, arts integration into core content areas, mural or installation projects, arts festivals, performing arts productions, art days, and master classes with guest artists.

The project needs to:

  • occur during the academic school day for most of the time
  • help students be more innovative and creative
  • involve a Colorado artist or arts organization

This grant does not fund:

  • capital improvement projects
  • after-school or before-school programs or clubs
  • summer programs
  • professional development for teachers
  • scholarships for students to participate in off-site activities
  • fundraising projects
  • lobbying expenses
  • re-granting
  • debt reduction
  • grant processing fees

The application opens and closes every fall. Apply through Think 360 Arts for Learning. Specific application deadlines will be available on their website.

This is a competitive award program, and not all applicants receive funding. An independent panel reviews applications using a rubric to analyze applications for:

  • originality
  • innovation
  • creativity components of the project
  • feasibility of the project
  • school-wide engagement and support for the art project
  • impact of the project

Panelists also look for a fair geographic distribution of funds throughout the state of Colorado. Panelists may include:

  • Think 360 Arts staff members
  • Colorado Creative Industries staff
  • arts educators
  • representatives from other arts education organizations

If your application is accepted, you will receive a check for 50% of your approved funds. After your school completes the grant-funded projects and has submitted a final online report with the required evidence, your school will receive the rest of the funds.

You need to document the project through:

  • a narrative description
  • testimonials
  • photography
  • video
  • artifacts (if applicable)

Completed project documentation will be uploaded to the Think 360 Arts website.

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