Creative Capitol Exhibit: Shared Horizons

Shared Horizons has been selected for the Creative Capitol Exhibition. The exhibit will be active from May to August 2019.

This exhibition at the Colorado State Capitol includes images from three Colorado-based photographers, Kevin Hoth, Melissa Lynn, and Natascha Seideneck.

Kevin Hoth is a photographer whose current work focuses on perception and the manner in which multiple spaces can be formed into a singular frame. This exhibition features works from Kevin’s series, “Everything and All at Once.” This series began with the quest to show the expansive space all around in a single two-dimensional image. Using a mirror in the landscape to join the space behind with the space in front, Kevin created a temporary landscape that exists only in the captured image.

After more than a decade in New York City working as a professional documentary and portrait photographer, Melissa Lynn now lives in Denver, Colorado where she continues to pursue her artistic passions as a fine art photographer. Lynn’s American Mosaic series celebrates America’s rich multicultural heritage through diverse portraits. These photographs were taken at cultural festivals in Colorado, where heritage and traditions are honored and passed down through generations. The series encourages cross-cultural understanding, intercultural dialogue and harmony.

Natascha Seideneck is currently a Visiting Interim Professor of Art and Photography Area Coordinator at MSU Denver. Natascha Seideneck’s series, “Horizons,” seeks to represent portholes and plane windows inspired by experiences of voyages. The imagery consists of appropriated travel snapshots from the Internet, satellite images and photos captured out of plane windows.

These selected works will be on display at the Colorado State Capitol, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, basement rotunda, and Legislative Council staff offices.

Shared Horizons: Photographs by Kevin Hoth, Melissa Lynn, and Natascha Seideneck