CRAFT Impact Report: City of Delta, Delta County

The City of Delta was awarded a CRAFT Studio 201 program by the Colorado Tourism Office in fall 2018. Program objectives included: 

  • Drive tourism dollars to the city
  • Engage community members in a sustainable plan to improve quality of life for residents through an ongoing growth plan
  • Highlight the City of Delta as a tourism destination
  • Work with the community to develop a strategy for driving outdoor recreation for travelers and locals

Located in the Mountains and Mesas region, the top industry sectors for the City of Delta were historically coal mining, government, and businesses supporting the mining industry. However, recent job losses have had an impact on the economy, leading community representatives to seek support from the CTO to help diversify the local economy through tourism.

This CRAFT program delivery built upon Delta County's previous participation in CRAFT Studio 201 to further advance their promotion and marketing plan.

CRAFT Studio 201 Program Outcomes

One hundred hours of complimentary consulting support were delivered over nine months.

The Colorado Tourism Office matched the City of Delta with Amy Cassidy, a CRAFT Mentor with over 30 years experience in community outreach, education and engagement, as well as strategic planning, marketing, and communications to achieve the following outcomes.


A biker sits on his bike on the Grand Mesa in Delta County

The following occurred as a direct result of the program:

  • The Mentor delivered a comprehensive report to summarize the program and recommend next steps.
  • Following the successful completion of CRAFT Studio 201, the City of Delta applied for and was awarded a CRAFT Studio 201 Implementation Grant of $7,500 to fund the creation of banners for Main Street as well as branded banners for the different seasons of the year using the "Fiercely Delta" brand created as part of the CRAFT Studio 201 program. Through the Implementation Grant, Delta also printed 5,000 brochures to send out to Colorado Welcome Centers.


The following changes happened after the program took place:

  • As a result of the CRAFT Studio 201 core group's efforts, City Council voted to approve funding for a new position of marketing director, which has been filled by Darin Hamm.
  • An After-Hours "Tourism Takeover" was held, with 115 business owners and tourism-related residents in attendance.
  • The need for more outdoor events was emphasized during CRAFT Studio 201, and new events were started in the City of Delta as part of implementation of the marketing plan. Events included a two-day Smith Mountain Bike Event, the First Annual Car Show and Speed Celebration, and a Main Street Christmas lighting project developed by merchants and the City.
  • Strong collaborations have emerged to support tourism work, including with a local entrepreneurship incubator, the local Mountain Bikers Association, and the local disc golfing group.
  • As the community grows its tourism efforts, three new businesses have opened on Main Street, including a mountain bike repair shop, a disc golf shop, and a bistro. The momentum in the community and the improvement of area mountain bike trails, a new disc golf course, and the installation of a pump and skill track increase the market for such businesses.
  • A tourism-specific website was created ( and traffic grew tremendously, by more than 30% month over month.
  • Social media accounts were created with a new graphic identity for Delta tourism.
  • Influencers were invited to Delta and encouraged to post about their experiences, such as Smith Mountain Rally riders.
  • The City of Delta reports experiencing a 5% increase in lodging taxes since completing CRAFT Studio 101.

“The best part of what has come from our 201 implementation funding is artwork and design material that can be repurposed and used to promote the City of Delta for years to come. I don’t believe there is any way to understate how beneficial or productive we have been because of the 201 grant.” — Darin Hamm, City of Delta

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About CRAFT Studio 201

CRAFT Studio 201 provides 100 hours of customized mentoring for tourism destinations wishing to advance a specific tourism-related goal or strategy. Participants receive $7,500 of implementation funding upon completion. 


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