CRAFT Case Study: Historical Connections of Pueblo

History Connections of Pueblo is a group of eight museums, two cemeteries, archaeological society, Goodnight Barn Restoration and preservation group that have a coordinated effort to educate and promote the diverse history of the region, citizens and visitors.

Mentor: Dave Santucci
Dave Santucci is the President of Destination Consulting Services and the Vice President of Marketing for the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau. He has 15+ years experience as a strategic marketing and communications professional. He has developed integrated marketing and communications strategies for destinations, attractions, hotels and non-profits. Santucci has strong skills in strategic communication, brand strategy, content and digital marketing. 

CRAFT Project Overview, Deliverables and Results:

  • Develop a joint marketing plan to attract visitors to the various locations.

Results To-date:

  • A facilitated a meeting with project participants that led to building alignment and commitment to marketing goals.
  • An individualized marketing analysis and plan that outlined specific marketing strategies for each entity to implement and/or improve such as websites, signage, hours, and social media presence.
  • A group marketing plan with specific recommendations on how to implement and leverage joint marketing strategies to increase awareness of offerings to locals and tourists.
  • A partnership with Black Hills Energy to distribute 30,000 bookmarks to schools and for tourists.
  • Relationships established with Colorado Tourism Heritage and Colorado Preservation to learn about partnership opportunities, marketing efforts, and training opportunities. 

Words of Encouragement for Peers:
“We would recommend a CRAFT project to anyone wanting an outside view of their town and specifically
their museum or site to apply for a CRAFT project grant.”

“The request and approval was very quick for the CRAFT grant and Dave got on the request very quickly.”