June 2021 Care for Colorado Monthly Messaging: Responsible Biking and Camping

As we all anticipate a busy summer, thank you for continuing to encourage responsible recreation through Care for Colorado Leave No Trace messaging. We know many areas are already seeing record numbers of people taking advantage of Colorado’s amazing outdoor opportunities. To help lessen impacts — while still affording everyone the ability to experience Colorado’s incredible resources — we hope you will share the assets and content below, which were created by Care for Colorado Stewardship Partners.

There are a lot of fun celebrations in June. It's Colorado Bike Month, June 5 is National Trails Day, and June 25–26 is the Great American Campout. We hope visitors and residents alike will take advantage of all these wonderful outdoor holidays responsibly.

To help increase stewardship knowledge, provide crucial insights and actionable advice about getting outdoors, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics will be offering a free How To Recreate Responsibly This Summer webinar on June 24. Please join us in helping to spread the word about this webinar and the Care for Colorado monthly messaging.

Please feel free to share these assets on your own channels — just be sure to credit the partner organization and link back to their site.

Responsible biking

Responsible camping

#CareForColorado Social Media Infographics & Posts

Share any of the posts below with their corresponding infographics to encourage visitors to Care for Colorado on all their adventures. Don’t forget to tag @VisitColorado and @LeaveNoTraceCenter on all your posts.

  • Remember when you visit ________ to learn and practice the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace principles to protect Colorado’s precious resources. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Be courteous, share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • To prevent the spread of invasive species, source your firewood locally and wash your RVs and campers after every outing. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace Know Before You Go out on your camping trip and check whether the area you're planning to visit requires reservations in advance. Have a backup plan if dispersed camping areas are full. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Be bear aware. Store food, beverages, toiletries and other scented items in bear proof containers to prevent unwanted visitors. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Be prepared when nature calls. If restrooms or outhouses are not present, dig a hole 6–8 inches deep and 200 feet away from water to deposit your human waste. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace
  • Plan ahead with your RV. Check local regulations and only visit areas where RVs are permitted. #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace Ride on the shoulder (if one exists) or on the right side of the road #CareForColorado #LeaveNoTrace

Infographics (Click on the link and then right-click the image to download it to your desktop.)

#CareForColorado Photos

Biking and camping photos to share via social media and online — not for use in printed materials.

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