Indian Companies Find a Home in Colorado

Whether it’s our ideal business climate, central location or exceptional quality of life, companies around the world are discovering Colorado as the ideal place to start or expand their U.S. operations.

Colorado stands apart with its collaborative business environment, making market entry easier for prospective companies. Colorado’s knowledge-based economy is founded on 14 key industries including biotech, aerospace and energy and renewable resources among many others. Coupled with Colorado’s Mountain Time Zone which allows for same day communication with both U.S. coasts, Europe, South America, and Asia, Colorado offers immense opportunity for companies looking to grow in US markets. 

In addition to our central location and welcoming business climate, Colorado is also home to the second-highest educated workforce in the U.S. From Colorado’s abundance of federal research centers and its renowned higher education learning institutions to the STEM program being developed between Cherry Creek School District and Tata Consultancy Services, the commitment to developing tomorrow’s innovation and leaders is clear. The wealth of skilled talent in Colorado is bountiful and enthusiastic for companies to tap into. 

India is an example of a country that has found Colorado to be the right fit for their companies seeking new or expanded US operations. Multiple Indian companies have selected Colorado for their US-based operations and indications suggest that number will only continue to grow in the coming years. As a country rich with a variety of industries, it’s a clear and natural fit that India is finding a second home in Colorado, a state that reflects similar values in the economy. 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions and serves as an example of one of these successful Indian companies. In fall 2018, TCS announced a new branch of their office in Denver, creating approximately 120 new jobs in computer science, developers and computer architects among others, and by providing a hub for more than 600 employees throughout the state. TCS is also a strong supporter of growing IT education for youth, and supports this mission through its goIT education program, adding to the future of Colorado’s educated workforce. 

Another company forming roots in Colorado is Tech Mahindra. This multinational company provides information technology services and business process outsourcing to companies in vertical and horizontal markets. Tech Mahindra recently expanded to metro Denver and are planning another location in Arapahoe County that is expected to create approximately 100 new jobs by 2021. 

The relationship Colorado has cultivated with India not only creates a business environment conducive to expansion, but also offers an atmosphere for collaboration. In 2018, the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) and the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI), a state-backed research institution in India, teamed up through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to bolster energy-focused policy, economic and educational partnership. 

To further build on these successes and to explore renewable energy best practices, Colorado Governor Jared Polis will travel to India on November 4, 2019. This 4-day trade mission will include meetings with companies in the renewable and advanced industries sectors and participation in a renewable energy conference hosted in New Delhi.

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