is a first of its kind automated customer data operations platform for businesses that manage large volumes of data of variable formats and types. is a unique product that stands apart from any other offering on the market thanks to its innovation around automated data acquisition, data validation, and data normalization. is an easy to use, turnkey solution that requires very little configuration in order to quickly organize and process all incoming data from few or many data customers and/or distinct entities of any kind. In addition to the complete process of incoming data in preparation for downstream usage, provides 1st class data profiling/reporting for manual inspection of all data as needed. However, the data validation functionality is designed to automatically monitor all data feeds for potential issues so that manual inspection of files can be focused on failed validation alerts. This product is the result of over 30 years of experience from founders who have seen the need for trustworthy, automated data operations solutions and have recognized the opportunity that an automated solution could provide by drastically cutting the operations costs of data operations while improving data quality.
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518210, 541511
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Aaron Dix
Founder & CEO