Atrevida Beer Co.

Atrevida Beer Company is challenging the standard definition of craft beer. We are a female forward Latin inspired brewery bringing new flavors to the market. Featuring Jess Fierro the winner of the television series “Beerland” Season 1. While stationed in Germany, US Army Veteran Rich Fierro and his wife Jess Fierro first discovered true craft beer, igniting Jessica's passion for brewing her own Latin-influenced flavors.  Rich and Jessica now bring you Atrevida Beer Co., the first Latina-owned brewery in Colorado ran by a female head brewer. Our team Atrevida Beer Co is demonstrating diversity in everything it does. The company motto is “Diversity, it’s on tap!” and we live by this motto. Our beers are a collection of diverse flavors ranging from Mexican Chocolate stout on Nitro to a Belgian Tripel with Tamrindo.  Diversity, it’s on tap is lit up on the store front marquee and prominently displayed on all our merchandise.  We believe diversity is about inclusion, not exclusion. Atrevida is more than a brewery and small business Jess and Rich have a vision to bring community together.
204 Mt View Ln #3 Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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