African Grill And Bar, LLC

AKWAABA is our way of welcoming you to “The Osei– Fordwuo family restaurant” in our native Akan dialect -Ghana . Since 2004, we have serve Colorado with real authentic food, beers, root drinks, bitters, wine, good African music and amazing drummers  & dancers from the continent of Africa. We  have specialized in most popular cuisines from the continent of Africa, such us;  South African “pap” and Chakalaka, East Africa “samosa and chapatti, North Africa “Couscous”, West Africa “Fufu” and “Jollof” Central Africa “Cassava, Plantains and peanut dishes. WE DO NOT COOK WITH ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS, FLOUR & SUGAR. Currently, we cater for  most of the universities, office parties, ceremonies, birthday parties and occasions. We also donated food for school cultural programs, Church  programs, the police and the hungry among us. Please visit any of our locations to experience “unique african food and culture.” We are more than glad to serve you too. Order Online
955 South Kipling Parkway, Denver, Colorado 80226, United States
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Sylvester Osei-Fordwuo