Adolescents Know Your Rights

"Adolescents Know Your Rights (AKYR) is a youth service agency that seeks to learn more about the similarities, differences, voice and the composition of the 18 and under populations of Denver, CO. The organization supports personal growth and empowerment with the belief that every individual is a lifelong learner and experience is the best teacher.
The mission of AKYR is to increase social equity of race, gender, age and income variability through expounded education, promoting the awareness of opportunities, options, environmental effects, and uniting the efforts of allies with similar missions.
We achieve this goal through providing community activities. The current projects are:
The Self-advocacy project
Youth Speak Your Mind Oratory Contest
Project L.O.V.E.: Learning to Overcome Victimization and Exploitation
The Friendship School"
PO Box 390334, Denver, Colorado 80239
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