‘When We Explore’ Toolkit

The ‘When We Explore’ Campaign toolkit helps communities spur Coloradans’ interest in exploring both urban and rural adventures to drive recovery. Our goal is to promote responsible tourism, not only for Colorado destinations but for visitors and those who call our destinations home.

The ‘When We Explore’ campaign connects to the Colorado Tourism Office's ongoing Care for Colorado and Care for Coloradans initiatives, which encourages visitors to travel responsibly, both to address new impacts on public lands and to protect everyone's health and safety. All Colorado organizations and units of government are free to use any of the materials in these toolkits to promote tourism.


Type: Toolkit

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

None of the materials in the Colorado Tourism Office toolkits can be altered or customized in any way without the Colorado Tourism Office’s consent, including the addition or subtraction of:

  • logos
  • text
  • punctuation
  • images

If you’re considering altering any of the following, email editor@colorado.com, who can facilitate a review for special uses. 

It is a violation of use of the Colorado Tourism Office’s materials if you are:

  • adding your or any other organization’s logo to the materials outlined above
  • removing the Colorado Tourism Office logo from any of the materials
  • altering any part of the Colorado Tourism Office logo (includes colors, size, shape, and text)
  • repurposing the toolkit principles to fit your own organization (example: [Insert City Name]’s Care for Colorado Principles).
  • posting any of the above on your website or social channels without crediting the Colorado Tourism Office

To use the Colorado Tourism Office’s toolkits responsibly you can: 

  • reference the copyrighted material in the text – principles should never be labeled as rules, but always as principles or guidelines; they should always be referred to as the “[name of the campaign] Principles”
  • reference the full campaign name in the text, the name should always be spelled out – for example, do not use LNT or Leave-No-Trace, instead of Leave No Trace
  • reprint toolkit material in your visitor guide or include them in your welcome packet – email us if you need different sizes for this purpose.
  • work with Colorado Tourism Office to customize portions of the toolkit for your destination/organization and have it printed on ReLeaf paper; minor edits to non-principles content can be made for free
  • share toolkit videos and content on your website and social channels, crediting the Colorado Tourism Office and other partners involved in individual campaigns
  • print toolkit material and posters and post them in your visitor center or other welcome areas
  • print material from the toolkit to hand out to guests

If you are a destination marketing organization, submit the 'What's Open in Colorado' form so we know that your destination is ready to be promoted by the new in-state campaign.

Sign up for — or encourage your partners to share — Special Offers on Colorado.com. Reach out to Andrea Kuskie or Pat Attkisson at Miles Partnership. Special Offers do not have to involve discounts. Put together a special experience or join partners in creating an irresistible package.

Join us in promoting Colorado Restaurant Bingo to 'dine out to help out.

Share the “When We Explore” TV spot on your marketing channels.

Review all Colo-Road Trips for your destination, make sure all itineraries are up to date and relevant for travel this summer. If changes are needed, reach out to Natazshya Rodriguez.

Make sure you and your partners are keeping your business listings in the Colorado.com listings database up to date, including hours of operation. If you don't have your login info, reach out to data@colorado.com for support.

Submit photography portraying your destination’s “new normal” conditions for our digital asset management system in Crowdriff. We can use those photos to promote you. You will need to submit your full name, email address, specific location of the photo/video, attribution, and icensing/usage rights for each photo. If you would like to be contacted prior to using the image, please include the appropriate email address. If you have questions, reach out to Natazshya Rodriguez.

To join in our next bulk order of Colorado-themed bandanas, contact Jackson Feld. Minimum 250 bandanas for $550, including shipping. We entice travelers to stop by Colorado Welcome Centers at Julesburg, Burlington and Fruita for a free bandana (one per party) upon showing proof of a paid Colorado overnight reservation in the next 24 hours.

TV spot

Digital banners

When We Explore banners with text on top and image of people on mountain
When We Explore banner with people jumping into Island Lake near Silverton, Colorado


When We Explore banner with people looking into lake in Colorado
When We Explore banner with people paddleboarding during sunset in Colorado


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