Snow's Perfect State Toolkit

The Snow's Perfect State toolkit can be used by communities to promote Colorado's ski industries and winter destinations. The message behind "Snow's Perfect State" is Colorado’s diversity of terrain, towns, culture and history which generates authentic winter experiences that are as unique as snowflakes.

The Colorado Tourism Office invites partners to display this line in as many consumer-facing media as possible. The more a potential visitor sees and hears about Colorado in connection with Snow’s Perfect State, the greater the impact will be. When we all align around a single message, we build a stronger competitive edge for Colorado.

None of the Snow's Perfect State items may be altered. Any changes that need to be made must be approved by the Colorado Tourism Office.

Snow's Perfect State Toolkit     

Snow's Perfect State Creative Assets     


Type: Toolkit

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

None of the materials in the Colorado Tourism Office toolkits can be altered or customized in any way without the Colorado Tourism Office’s consent, including the addition or subtraction of:

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If you’re considering altering any of the following, email, who can facilitate a review for special uses. 

It is a violation of use of the Colorado Tourism Office’s materials if you are:

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  • repurposing the toolkit principles to fit your own organization (example: [Insert City Name]’s Care for Colorado Principles).
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To use the Colorado Tourism Office’s toolkits responsibly you can: 

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  • reprint toolkit material in your visitor guide or include them in your welcome packet – email us if you need different sizes for this purpose.
  • work with Colorado Tourism Office to customize portions of the toolkit for your destination/organization and have it printed on ReLeaf paper; minor edits to non-principles content can be made for free
  • share toolkit videos and content on your website and social channels, crediting the Colorado Tourism Office and other partners involved in individual campaigns
  • print toolkit material and posters and post them in your visitor center or other welcome areas
  • print material from the toolkit to hand out to guests

Colorado is the place where winter is cause for exhilaration and celebration. It’s where visitors from across the world find all kinds of ways to play in snow and ice, seek inspiration in stunning winter vistas and relax in the afterglow of chilly adventures. It’s where people find ways not just to hibernate, but to come alive in the cold.

Last year as the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) explored ways to unify the tourism industry around a shared winter message, it became clear that the tagline used for the previous five seasons, “America’s Best Skiing”, had few fans. Many expressed that the line was one-dimensional and fell short of expressing the true superiority of Colorado’s winter. With the support and input of the ski industry and winter destinations, the CTO set on a path to create a winter rallying cry that could be adopted into marketing messages across the state. We brought together destination and resort leaders to share their insights, ideas and thoughts about the distinctive nature of Colorado’s winter.

The outcome was “Snow’s Perfect State,” a line crafted by CTO’s agency of record Karsh Hagan. In just three words, this statement claims the high ground for Colorado’s winter. It is intentionally open-ended and multi-dimensional to capture the full range of winter enjoyment and the undeniable superlatives in the place where winter makes people feel alive.

We invite you to join us in adopting Snow’s Perfect State in your winter communications.

Lockup and mark

To introduce our shared new winter tagline, Snow’s Perfect State, we created a mark that reflects what makes our state so special in winter — our extraordinary snow, but more importantly, the place it falls upon.

There are three bands in Colorado’s state flag. The middle portion is white and symbolizes the snow that falls on our landforms. Our mark was created to be as white as snow to reflect that portion of our flag and incorporates the flag to make it clear that Snow’s Perfect State is only in Colorado.

The Snow’s Perfect State lockup is comprised of a bounding box and slanted lettering. This is meant to evoke a sense of steep elevation and the slopes of our mountains.

This will be the anchor for all of the Colorado Tourism Office winter campaign collateral. The alignment and proportions should never be altered. No alternate versions should be created.

Asset usage

Colorado Tourism Office partners and winter destinations can incorporate the campaign's assets into winter campaign material. 

The knocked out mark asset can be used to emphasize the importance of each experience to be had in Snow’s Perfect State. It is intentionally designed to have lettering that has been knocked out to allow for the background to show through.

The arctic blue mark asset should be used in instances where the knocked out mark and the background image do not have enough contrast between each other and use of the knocked-out mark would affect readability. This version with arctic blue lettering, reflecting our bluebird days.

These talking points can be used as support or reasoning for Snow's Perfect State. 

  1. Our winter weather is unbeatable, filled with bright blue skies and sunny days.
  2. Our mountain towns have distinctive personalities, with accomplished locals, pasts steeped in Old West history and loads of charm, especially when covered in snow.
  3. We have the highest-altitude collection of peaks in the continental U.S., which gives us our powdery snow, the longest ski runs, the longest ski season and unbeatable views.
  4. Colorado offers the full range of snowy activities – everything from skiing and boarding to snowmobiling, ice climbing, snowshoeing, winter sightseeing, or simply relaxing in a hot springs or bright sunshine after a day of play.
  5. We’re family-friendly, with plenty of easier runs and ski schools. Plus with family-friendly activities including sleigh rides, tubing and ice skating, everyone in the family is bound to find a way to play in the snow.
  6. We offer everything from outdoor adventure to urban adventure, including a world-class culinary scene featuring award-winning restaurants, locally sourced ingredients and an exciting liquid arts scene.
  7. We have a diverse collection of 28 ski resorts, offering everything from backcountry skiing to world-famed resort experiences.
  8. Our locals are taking the lead nationally to keep Colorado amazing. Whether private equity, non-profit or government-based, committed Coloradans are creating change to protect Snow’s Perfect State.

Email marketing

The toolkit assets can be included on a footer at the bottom of your email marketing materials directing viewers to learn more about Snow’s Perfect State.

Website SEO

Look for ways to include Snow’s Perfect State in your website. This can simply be added as the location or be built into the line itself.

Social media

Introduce Colorado’s new tagline on your social channels or repost Visit Colorado’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please tag @VisitColorado and use the hashtag #ColoradoLive and #SnowsPerfectState. 

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