Programs and Funding

  • This credit enhancement helps small and medium-sized businesses in Colorado access loans that they would otherwise not get because they do not have enough collateral.
  • These loans provide up to $250 million in working capital loans to Colorado small businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic.
  • This credit enhancement is for businesses that typically struggle to get access to a bank loan.
  • These loans help start-ups and small businesses that are underserved by traditional debt markets.
  • This loan helps businesses in rural areas by giving loans and loan guarantees.
  • This loan gives businesses the funds to offset transition costs for Colorado businesses converting to an employee ownership structure.
  • Our consultants and partners can assist with disaster loan applications, long-term planning, insurance navigation, physical and economic loss estimations, business preparedness, and more.
  • The following lenders are possible sources of funding for small businesses in Colorado.