consultant Jose Luis poses at table

José Luis

MBO Business Consultant

José Luis is a bilingual business specialist for the city of Fort Collins. He supports Spanish-speaking small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and grow their business. Formerly, he worked at the Poudre River Public Library District after running his own business for over 10 years, where he experienced the different needs of small businesses and the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the United States.

He is an engineer and has a BS in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University.

“Right now I am focused on my service role in the community because I see the need for a guide for Latinx entrepreneurs. I am passionate about helping those who are already operating their businesses and need resources to be more effective and successful in them as well as those who aspire to have their own company and do not know where to start ”

José Luis offers a wide range of experiences and knowledge in business, processes with government agencies, and strategies to make small entrepreneurs more productive and successful in their businesses. His specialties include restaurants, construction, IT systems, and he is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.