Employee Ownership Peer Network

The Employee Ownership Peer Network connects Colorado Employee Owned Companies with business owners interested in employee ownership. By creating an employee ownership community in Colorado, we are able to connect more resources and opportunities for business owners, service providers, and employee owners.

This network also connects fellow employee-owned companies across Colorado. Employee-owned companies can explore and communicate best practices, while also increasing their own employee owners' buy-in. Our goal is to facilitate a space where business leaders can collaborate with each other.

How to join

If you are an employee-owned company seeking to serve the community of potential conversions and connect with other employee-owned companies, submit the Colorado Employee Owned Company form.

If you are a business looking to discuss employee ownership with a company that has been through it firsthand, submit the Employee Ownership Peer Network form.


Type: Consulting

For: Businesses considering employee ownership and employee-owned companies

OEDIT division: Colorado Employee Ownership Office

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By submitting this form, I certify that this information is accurate and that I, as the business representative, have the authority to submit on behalf of the business. I confirm this information can be verified and used to illustrate the growing community of employee ownership service providers in Colorado.

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