Colo-Road Trips Toolkit

The Colo-Road Trips toolkit helps visitors find their way to Colorado's less-visited destinations and enjoy famous places during off-peak times and seasons. This goal of this campaign is to illustrate the enjoyable experience of exploring Colorado on the open road.

The Colo-Road Trips collection of itineraries offers travelers a rich selection of Colorado experiences, with search filters making it easy to find favorite activities in the places and seasons they plan to visit in Colorado. You can use this toolkit to find out how to contribute to Colo-Road Trips itineraries by highlighting your destination.


Type: Toolkit

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

Every Colorado tourism industry partner is invited to collaborate on ideas for fun 2- to 10-day itineraries. Every itinerary should be aimed at driving overnight stays and making it easy for visitors to plan an amazing trip to a place they've never been.

Our research shows travelers enjoy doing different types of things on vacation. Ideas could include outdoor adventure, cultural or educational pursuits, cycling, scenic drives, wildlife watching, agritourism, or even a volunteer activity. 

We recommend including specific locations that a visitor will be able to figure out how to access on their own, like a named trail, an outfitter who can get them all the gear they need, the best local spot to pick up a picnic lunch.

Your itinerary should follow the Colorado Tourism Office's 3-3-1 strategy for itinerary building. Each day should feature:

  • three interesting or fun places to eat
  • three engaging things to do
  • one great place to stay

When creating your itinerary make sure: 

  • the overall trip creates an experience that lifts up lesser-known, less-visited or off-peak attractions in a compelling way – for example, if you have a cultural arts district that could use more visitors, propose an itinerary where visitors can experience your arts district with other fun activities
  • to focus your itinerary on experiences that would fit a certain kind of traveler, whether family, couple, group of friends, or someone seeking a specific Colorado experience
  • to theme and name your itineraries in ways that will be inspirational, by including the hidden gems and corners of your region that need the most love
  • to include a specific place for each activity, meal, or location
  • to structure as a morning, afternoon, and evening/post-dinner, if including 3 or more activities
  • to include local's tips, like off-peak days or hours to visit, reminders for how to treat the land, a special menu item, and wildlife to watch for
  • to include a voluntourism activity that a traveler could participate in or a way to donate to a cause or organization related to the itinerary

To submit your itinerary for consideration fill out the Colo-Road Trips Featured Itinerary Form. If you have any questions, contact the program manager below.

Community partners can also help support local less-visited tourist destinations by sharing Colo-Road Trip itineraries on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or email. Promote them on your own channels, and encourage your followers to share with their friends.

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