Cold Case Gear: Archuleta County's First Rural Jumpstart Company

Cold Case Gear, a consumer goods start-up based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, becomes the first participant from Archuleta County to be accepted into Colorado's Rural Jump-Start Program. The program requires sponsorship from a local institute of higher education and Durango's own Fort Lewis College has come on as a partner with Cold Case Gear. Together the two will work hand in hand to create unique opportunities for students.

The Pagosa Springs business community is excited to welcome Cold Case Gear to our county. We promote companies moving to a location where employees can play where you work, and we hope that Cold Case Gear will take advantage of that amenity. Cold Case Gear is also helping to diversify Pagosa's economy with year-round jobs and opportunities. We are thrilled that Cold Case Gear has chosen to base out of Archuleta County and is our first Rural Jump Start program. We hope they will be an example for others to take advantage of these great state and community tax credit programs. – Mary Jo Coulehan, Executive Director, Pagosa Springs Chamber Of Commerce

The Rural Jump-Start Program will provide some major incentives for both prospective Cold Case Gear employees and the company in general. These benefits include but are not limited to relief from: State income taxes for the business, state sales and use tax for the business, 100% of county personal property taxes for the business, and 100% of state income taxes for the employee. These incentives will help draw talented people to the business. As it happens, they are currently looking for help in both Marketing as well as Product Development. 

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This press release was written by Cold Case Gear.

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