Care For Colorado Principles Toolkit

The Care for Colorado Principles toolkit is a collaboration of the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to be used by communities to inspire both Colorado residents and visitors to protect Colorado's special places.

The seven principles are a direct response to the concerns many Coloradans express about visitor impacts on the places they love. Our goal is to share the Care for Colorado Principles with travelers, empowering them to protect the very qualities that attracted them to visit Colorado. 

Below are resources you can use to help us amplify this message. All campaign materials live on the Care for Colorado Content hub.


Type: Toolkit

For: Tourism partners

OEDIT division: Colorado Tourism Office

None of the materials in the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) toolkits can be altered or customized in any way without the CTO’s consent, including the addition or subtraction of:

  • logos
  • text
  • punctuation
  • images

If you’re considering altering any of the following, email, who can facilitate review for special uses. 

It is a violation of use of the Colorado Tourism Office’s materials if you are:

  • adding your or any other organization’s logo to the materials outlined above.
  • removing the CTO logo from any of the materials.
  • altering any part of the CTO logo (includes colors, size, shape and text)
  • repurposing the toolkit principles to fit your own organization (example: [Insert City Name]’s Care for Colorado Principles).
  • posting any of the above on your website or social channels without crediting CTO.

To use the Colorado Tourism Office’s toolkits responsibly you can: 

  • reference the copyrighted campaign principles in text – the principles should never be labeled as rules, but always as principles or guidelines; they should always be referred to as the “[name of campaign] Principles.”
  • reference the full campaign name in the text, the name should always be spelled out – for example, do not use LNT or Leave-No-Trace, instead of Leave No Trace.
  • reprint the Care for Colorado Principles in your visitor guide or include them in your welcome packet – email us if you need different sizes for this purpose.
  • work with CTO to customize portions of the toolkit for your destination/organization and have it printed on releaf paper; minor edits to non-principles content can be made for free.
  • share toolkit videos and content on your website and social channels, crediting the Colorado Tourism Office and other partners involved in individual campaigns.
  • print the campaign principles and posters and post them in your visitor center or other welcome areas.
  • print material from the toolkit to hand out to guests.

Care for Colorado Principles poster

This poster features all the Care for Colorado Principles. Download and print your set of posters to be featured in lobbies and visitor centers or post them in other places where visitors' attentions are captivated.

8x10 Care for Colorado Principles poster
8.5x11 Care for Colorado Principles poster
Leave No Trace brochure
Leave No Trace Spanish brochure

It is preferred that the full list of principles is used wherever possible. However, if space is limited, an abbreviated, postcard-size version can be used.

Wildfire Prevention poster

This poster gives visitors steps to make sure they're not triggering a wildfire. Hang the poster in your visitor center, share it on your social channels during the summer travel season to help spread awareness.

11x17 Wildfire Prevention poster
8.5x11 Wildfire Prevention poster

Where to buy frames for the posters

Need a frame to hang your Care for Colorado posters? Follow the links below. 

11x17 frame
8x10 frame

Care for Colorado animated video

These Care for Colorado videos explain what could happen when those who don't care for Colorado spend time outdoors. You can share these videos on your own site, run it on visitor center screens, or share it on your social media channels. 

Care for Colorado animated longer video
Care for Colorado animated shorter video

The Care for Colorado photo video version of the video communicates the same principles in a photo presentation style.

Etiquette videos

These one-minute videos each highlight a different Care for Colorado Principle. The videos address issues that have been identified as top concerns for many Coloradans. Each video page includes more detailed guidance and all videos can be found on the Care for Colorado playlist on YouTube.

Let's Talk About ... Poop
Let's Talk About ... Campfires
Let's Talk About ... Trail Etiquette
Let's Talk About ... Wildlife Encounters
Let's Talk About... Trash

The valuable educational material on each page was created by our Care for Colorado Coalition Founding Partner and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Share links to these videos on your own site, including the educational content on each page.

To embed these videos on your own site:

  1. Click the listed Youtube links. 
  2. Under the video, click the "Share" button. 
  3. When the sharing options pop up, click "Embed," and then copy the string of code to the right of the video. 
  4. Then paste that code into your own website.

Care for Colorado social stills

You can use these stills to promote Care for Colorado principles.

Brochures and postcard

The Care for Colorado Principles are shared in this brochure titled “Are You Colo-Ready?” aimed at encouraging visitors to be good stewards of the places they visit in Colorado. The brochure also includes winter and summer packing advice along with other tips on traveling in Colorado. 

“Are you Colo-Ready?” brochure
“Are you Colo-Ready?” Spanish-language brochure
Care for Colorado Principles postcard

Customizing the brochure for your destination

You can work with us to customize the brochure for your own destination or nonprofit, for the cost of printing alone.

Reach out to Laura Libby at Miles Partnership, who can assist you in making edits to the brochure template and preparing your version to be professionally printed on ReLeaf paper.

Elements of the brochure that can be updated are: 

  • the Denver Shorthand section can be revised to reflect your destination’s unique local lingo (limit three terms with an average of 14 words per term)
  • two items in the Colorado Packing List can be updated with up to 20 words for the name and information about the items
  • information about your destination’s altitude can be amended in the “Act Like a Local” section

The Care for Colorado Principles must be included on customizations and may not be altered without permission of the Colorado Tourism Office and Leave No Trace. Any changes to the brochure must be approved by both the Colorado Tourism Office and Leave No Trace.

Examples of customized brochures are:


Brochures are printed on ReLeaf paper. ReLeaf is a program that replants trees to replace those used in the creation of paper. Costs may increase or decrease depending on the shipping location. 

Printing costs are subject to change.

Quantity of Brochures Printing Costs
350 $370
500 $640
1000 $1,076
1,500 $1,560
2,500 $1,948
5,000 $2,207
10,000 $2,519
15,000 $3,081
20,000 $3,325
25,000 $3,646



The “Are you Colo-Ready?” quiz builds on the Care for Colorado animated video, further engaging travelers in learning ways they can care for Colorado. Share the link to the quiz on your social channels, newsletters, blogs and more. Those who complete it can enter to win prizes from the Colorado Tourism Office.

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