Blake Jones


Economic Development Commission Board Member

Blake Jones is a cooperative entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience in the renewable energy industry. He is a co-founder of four cooperatives: (1) Namasté Solar, an employee-owned cooperative and certified B-Corp that has installed over 7,000 solar electric systems totaling over 100 MW of generating capacity; (2) Clean Energy Credit Union, a federally chartered and online-only credit union that provides loans solely to help consumers throughout the USA afford to purchase clean energy (and energy saving) products and services; (3) Amicus Solar Cooperative, a purchasing cooperative and certified B-Corp that is democratically owned by 50+ solar installation companies throughout North America; and (4) Kachuwa Impact Fund, an investment cooperative and impact investing fund with multiple impact themes including renewable energy, cooperatives, certified B-Corps, and companies owned by women, people of color, and/or employees. Blake is an Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award recipient (2010) and has a BE in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University.